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Approved breeding

Enci FCI

for the breed

Coton de tulear 

THEl Coton de tulear  is a small dog, not very common, originally from Madagascar, with long hair and excellent for a sweet, affectionate character and is very fond of his masters, playful and a little shy with strangers.
THEThe hair is soft, light and ... cottony!  Does not moult, does not require professional grooming to look beautiful,   should be brushed weekly.Note that Cotons do not have the typical smell of dogs ... on the contrary they are odorless! _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

THEThey are also recommended for people with allergies.

THE Coton de Tulear can also be born with some brownish / coffee-milk spots that fade after 2 years.

THEAdult weight varies between 4Kg and 5Kg.

THE our puppies are born from selected parents for beauty and genealogy, socializing in a home environment in contact with us. We have been participating in beauty championships both in Italy and abroad for years, obtaining excellent results.

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